As your baby celebrates their magical and memorable ‘first birthday,’it marks the beginning ofa two-year journey through some of the more memorable developmental changes of their young lives. While the phrase ‘terrible twos’ is often thrown around to describe this age, this is a joyful period as you and your child embark on an exciting ride filled with new words, new mobility, new personality and yes, even new attitudes.
Mayfair Christian Daycare’s professional caregivers will monitor your toddler’s language, movement, independence, toilet training and impulse control changes on a daily basis. Our licensed teachers always aim to work alongside parents to support each child’s cognitive, emotional and physical development using consistent daily routines that comfort your child while supporting their unique needs and interests.
Our toddler-specific toys and activities encourage children to test, explore and master new skills and concepts. Mayfair offers a separate toddler room staff by professionals chosen specifically for their expertise and skill working with toddler-age children. This classroom and its furnishings were designed around this age group’s high energy levels and the challenges of sharing materials and space while maintaining safety and comfort. Toddlers will go outside every day for playground time, neighborhood walks and other planned outdoor activities.
Toilet training is an ongoing part of the toddler curriculum as your child learns about body parts and bodily functions in context throughout the day. Children who are interested in using the toilet usually will do so at will, with helpful assistance and gentle reminders from caregivers. While the average age for toilet training is around three years, it is very specific to each child and not usually an issue if your child starts earlier or later. We will work closely with parents to note signs of readiness and develop routines that provide consistency between home and school.
Our teacher-to-child ratio for toddlers is a minimum of 1:4.
For more information about our Grand Rapids Daycare Center or if you have questions about our Toddler Room and how your child will adapt to their new surroundings, feel free to contact us or call us directly on weekdays between 9am and 5pm at 616.458.1009.


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