Infant Program

While every baby is unique, they all share the common need for consistency and responsiveness in their caregiving. At Mayfair Christian Daycare, our infants control their own daily schedule based on their particular preferences and patterns.
The caring and nurturing teachers at our Grand Rapids daycare center closely monitor each individual infant’s eating, sleeping and play patterns to determine the most appropriate and non-stressful daily schedule for your child. Between three and six months of age, most infants will start to establish a more consistent daily schedule that suits them best. For infants who are six to twelve months, we aim to provide them with a smooth routine that balances active and quiet play to reduce stress and avoid drastic changes.

Toddler Program

As your baby celebrates their magical and memorable ‘first birthday’ it marks the beginning of a two-year journey through some of the more memorable developmental changes of their young lives. While the phrase ‘terrible twos’ is often thrown around to describe this age, this is a joyful period as you and your child embark on an exciting ride filled with new words, new mobility, new personality and yes, even new attitudes.
Mayfair Christian Daycare’s professional caregivers will monitor your toddler’s language, movement, independence, toilet training and impulse control changes on a daily basis. Our licensed teachers always aim to work alongside parents to support each child’s cognitive, emotional and physical development using consistent daily routines that comfort your child while supporting their unique needs and interests.

Early Preschool Program

As your child passes the three-year milestone, you have already begun to notice their growing need to be independent and accomplish things on their own. Mayfair Christian Daycare’s caring staff remains mindful of this important transition year from toddler to preschooler based on your child’s new focus from interacting with teachers to engaging with their classmates and developing vital social skills.
While toddlers simply play alongside one another, early preschoolers start playing with each other and begin to form friendships. While these friendships are often temporary and rapidly changing from day to day, your child will start to gravitate towards interacting within small playgroups and with specific peers. Group activities, daily projects and social role-playing offer your child many opportunities to develop skills such as impulse control, compromise, taking turns and empathy.

Preschool Program

Mayfair Christian Daycare monitors your child throughout the day to recognize developmental, emotional and social cues that help them determine when they are ready to comfortably transition from early preschool activities to more complex preschool instruction. While this transition often occurs around age four, there is no magic formula for your child to make this change and each child will differ in their readiness to move forward and participate in more complex learning activities.
This age group begins to demonstrate the ability to think through issues and problem solve, form and verbally express opinions about their likes and dislikes and establish stronger social alliances and friendships with in the group. Your preschooler’s unlimited energy and growing independence and curiosity — questions, questions, questions — are supported daily with programs that encourage them to move, build and work their bodies and minds with a variety of fun and educational on our playgrounds and in the classroom.

Pre-K Program

Mayfair Christian Daycare’s Pre-K program focuses on children approaching 5 and 6 years who do not qualify for a ‘young five’ program or for preschoolers whose parents looking for an alternative to early kindergarten or kindergarten programs.
Our modern program bridges the gap between preschool and kindergarten and helps introduce older preschoolers to school activities and helps children who have not attended daycare adapt to a school-like atmosphere.


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