Mayfair Christian Daycare monitors your child throughout the day to recognize developmental, emotional and social cues that help them determine when they are ready to comfortably transition from early preschool activities to more complex preschool instruction. While this transition often occurs around age four, there is no magic formula for your child to make this change and each child will differ in their readiness to move forward and participate in more complex learning activities.
This age group begins to demonstrate the ability to think through issues and problem solve, form and verbally express opinions about their likes and dislikes and establish stronger social alliances and friendships with in the group. Your preschooler’s unlimited energy and growing independence and curiosity — questions, questions, questions — are supported daily with programs that encourage them to move, build and work their bodies and minds with a variety of fun and educational on our playgrounds and in the classroom.
Our knowledgeable caregivers will work to establish familiar daily routines, consistent rules and engaging activities to boost your preschooler’s confidence in their own abilities while helping them to make sense of their world and establish a sense of control.
Each day, our experienced teachers strive to balance quiet time and play activities with individual and group work. Engaging and new educational projects allow your child to revisit and build on new ideas, as well as develop a big picture view as they learn concepts within context. Our activitiesintroduce simple math, science, literacy and creativity while encouraging your child children to make connections across our age-specific preschool curriculum.
The teacher-to-child ratio in our preschool room is 1:10.
To learn more about how Mayfair’s Grand Rapids childcare center targets preschooler development,or if you have questions about our Preschool Room and how your child will adapt to their new activities, feel free to contact us or call us directly on weekdays between 9am and 5pm at 616.458.1009.


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