The childcare philosophy of Mayfair Christian Daycare centers on providing healthy, safe, quality childcare for Grand Rapids area children and their families.

We provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages trust, focused on an enriching program filled with developmentally appropriate experiences. Consistent daily routines are balanced with appropriate choices that allow your child to function independently, which gaining the valuable social skills necessary to develop into a well-balanced member of society.

Through playtime experiences and positive adult child interactions, your child is encouraged to develop self awareness, control of their body and emotions, nurture relationships and remain curious about the world around them. In addition, we support them in their quest for further knowledge, treating themselves and other with respect, learning self-discipline and taking responsibility.

Through the understanding and practice of sound child development principles, our staff encourages the development of positive character traits and value systems. The goal remains clear: to launch your child into society with the physical, emotional, social and spiritual tools they need to be ready to learn, conscientious and confident in themselves and others.
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1738 Lyon Street NE

Grand Rapids, MI 49503