As your child passes the three-year milestone, you have already begun to notice their growing need to be independent and accomplish things on their own. Mayfair Christian Daycare’s caring staff remains mindful of this important transition year from toddler to preschooler based on your child’s new focus from interacting with teachers to engaging with their classmates and developing vital social skills.
While toddlers simply play alongside one another, early preschoolers start playing with each other and begin to form friendships. While these friendships are often temporary and rapidly changing from day to day, your child will start to gravitate towards interacting within small playgroups and with specific peers. Group activities, daily projects and social role-playing offer your child many opportunities to develop skills such as impulse control, compromise, taking turns and empathy.
Our knowledgeable caregivers will work to establish familiar routines, consistent rules and engaging activities to boost your early preschooler’s confidence in their abilities while helping them make sense of their world and establish a sense of control.
Our teacher-to-child ratio is in the early preschool room is 1:8.
To learn more about how Mayfair’s Grand Rapids childcare center targets early preschooler development, or if you have questions about our Early Preschooler Room and how your child will adapt to their new surroundings, feel free to contact us or call us directly on weekdays between 9am and 5pm at 616.458.1009.


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